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Marine Wildlife Public Roadshow

  • Now in its 24th year of operation, and from which the school roadshow developed, with a huge range of Marine Wildlife species models
  • ....seen at countless Sea Festivals, Marine Weeks, Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars, and other public gatherings worldwide
  • ....with packages to focus on key species and issues to meet Event organisers requirements.....currently developing Marine Litter focus and the compact engaging "Pop-up Dolphins"
  • ....and compact enough to be transported as baggage on flights worldwide, or driven to European destinations in the Roadshow transporter 
  • New projects undertaken worldwide with Government and ngo partners, perhaps in conjunction with a Conference, a Festival,  or any other event.....get in touch if you have any ideas!
  • ....and European Marine Wildlife Roadshow is available with over 20 species and ready to us with your ideas for Events or click on above words to download European MWR flyer
  • During 2018 introducing The Ocean Discovery Zone, working with other organisations to focus on specific issues, such as marine litter and plastic pollution in the ocean, using hands-on engaging activities to raise awareness and create better respect for the marine environment.
  • Adapting roadshow content and format to match demand from Conferences and  Festivals, offering single species focus such as " Why is the Blue Whale?", "Amazing Hammerhead Shark", and broader topics like "Ocean Giants", " Dolphins are Special ", "Underwater Sound",  " Marine Litter" and more, or providing a range of regional species and all the science that governs their lives.
  • We can make new species to create a presentation if necessary, and are always open to new partnerships to break new ground.

Details of past roadshows ( hundreds of references and reports ) can be found online by using search for

  • Marine Wildlife Roadshow
  • Cool Seas Roadshow
  • Coral Seas Roadshow
  • The Whale Workshop


For a comprehensive online educational guide to the State of our Ocean, produced in 2018, see



The very popular beach litter picking challenge is now part of every roadshow, highlighting the issue and engaging everyone who has a go
Inside the dome tent at The Eden Project in Cornwall, for the launch weekend of "Oceans" exhibition
Blue Whale, Orca, Porbeagle Shark, and lots more creatures at The Loughs Agency's Derry Halloween event. It was a massively popular event
A Beluga and other marine wildlife species enhanced the 2018 BDMLR Conference in Birmingham
A dolphin's eye view of the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch Show, in Feb 2018
The Giant Squid shakes a tentacle or two at the 2017 Oxford Wild Fair, inside the Oxford Universities Museum of Natural History
In Abu Dhabi for The Mother of the Nation Festival, in March 2017, inside a 10m Dome, with lots of Gulf Marine Wildlife and beach finds
Focus on Hammerhead and other Sharks, Sirenians, Penguins, and lots more creatures being added all the time
Species Science and beach finds at the Oxford Wild Day 2016
A penguin Installation, created when the Roadshow visited a school in Italy
Large range of UK marine wildlife models to make superb display in any size venue
The juvenile Blue Whale is big enough at 15m long, but small compared to an adult size of 30m long
Some creatures are suitable for suspending, if there are suitable rigging points and enough ceiling height
Focusing on UK marine wildlife in Oxford Natural History Museum, in between permanent exhibits
Ideal for a one day show, our marine wildlife is set up within an hour, and always look like it belongs there