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Marine Wildlife Public Roadshow

  • Now in its 22nd year of operation, and from which the school roadshow developed, with a huge range of Marine Wildlife species models
  • ....seen at countless Sea Festivals, Marine Weeks, Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars, and other public gatherings worldwide
  • ....with packages to focus on key species and issues to meet Event organisers requirements
  • ....and compact enough to be transported as baggage on flights worldwide, or driven to European destinations in the Roadshow transporter 
  • New projects undertaken worldwide with Government and ngo partners, perhaps in conjunction with a school roadshow project or a Science Festival...get in touch if you have any ideas!
  • ....and European Marine Wildlife Roadshow is available with over 20 species and ready to us with your ideas for Events or click on above words to download European MWR flyer
  • During 2016 introducing Marine Wildlife Installations, focusing on specific species, such as Penguins in Antarctica, and more
  • Adapting roadshow content and format to match demand from Science Festivals, offering single species focus such as " Why is the Blue Whale?", "Amazing Hammerhead Shark", and broader topics like "Ocean Giants", " Dolphins are Special ", "Underwater Sound", UK Killer Whales, UK Shark Species, and more, or providing a range of regional species and all the science that governs their lives. We can make new species to create a presentation if necessary
  • Developing ideas for " a Whale and Dolphin Christmas Party" with special guests ( Penguins ), featuring life sized creatures, sparkly creature craft activity, festive lights, and more

Details of past roadshows ( hundreds of references and reports ) can be found online by using search for

  • Marine Wildlife Roadshow
  • Cool Seas Roadshow
  • Coral Seas Roadshow
  • The Whale Workshop
Biodiversity Day in Co Fingal, Dublin