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Marine Wildlife School Roadshow

We still get lots of enquiries for our school roadshow, even though we havent offered it as a Roadshow aspect since 2014. It always was difficult to make it financially viable, due to high logistics costs, so we always offered it as a regional tour, and if it was coming to your region, we could offer an individual school one day in a certain week when it came to that region. We have now responded to this interest with a new School Roadshow

From 2019 onwards, we are introducing a new Roadshow feature, called "Pop-up Dolphins", focusing on the huge issue of plastic marine litter, and its impact on Marine Wildlife.  This focus always was a part of the school roadshow from when we started it in 1994, with our famous "found on a beach near you" beach rubbish bucket, seen at many hundreds of schools and events around UK.  We still have the bucket, we still use it with some of the original beach rubbish collected over 20 years ago...its a well travelled vintage collection of beach rubbish.

See seperate 2018 photoalbum on "Pop-up Dolphins", which has been in development during 2018.  It is uniquely different, with life-sized Dolphins and other marine wildlife, and illustrates perfectly how marine plastic pollution is impacting on our marine wildlife friends.

We are offering this as a school roadshow, as part of regional tours in UK and elsewhere, focusing on the local marine wildlife and the huge issue of plastic pollution in the sea.

There needs to be at least a week of school visits within a region to make it financially viable, as logistics costs in 2018-19  are escalating.

If you can arrange a week of schools in your area, contact us to find out when we might be in your part of UK.  A week of school visits might be joined onto a weekend public event, and we could focus on specific local issues. It might be especially relevant associated with a local beach litter picking campaign.....its fun learning, and the litter picking challenge is very engaging too.

We can also offer Pop-up Dolphins as an engaging feature for Schools Days, Science and Arts Festivals, and other focus events. Contact us with your ideas and see the 2018 Pop-up Dolphins photoalbum to keep up to date with latest events we are booked at. 

Mum and pup Seal pairs we have made for others in UK and elsewhere have been inspiring school children to produce great classwork to highlight the conservation needs of these marine mammals ( see 2015 Seal pairs photo album )  These seal pairs are busy in Northern Ireland with The Loughs Agency and also with Ulster Wildlife, in Ireland with National Aquarium in Galway, in Hawaii with Paulette Smith and her school project, in Cape Cod in USA with IFAW, and in Turkey with TUDAV, in all cases inspiring the next generation to take care of our wildlife heritage.

In 2014 we undertook the last of the previous school roadshows, after 20 years and over 1000 schools across Europe and worldwide. We are now offering Pop-up Dolphins as a new school roadshow, as detailed above, and we have also shifted our school focus to making marine wildlife models for others to provide school roadshows. Since 2014  we have supplied marine wildlife models to ngos in UK, Turkey, Alaska , Hawaii, and more in the pipeline. The school roadshow continues but with others providing this educational outreach. We now use the Whale Workshop Roadshow models for public events, festivals, and other occasions. We can provide advice to others wishing to provide educational outreach projects, based on past experience and expertise as outlined below, during 20 years of operation, visiting over 1000 schools worldwide, seen by hundreds of thousands of pupils

  • ...with fantastic lifesize and lifelike marine wildlife models and interactive audience participation
  • ...working with many different project partners under different roadshow titles 
  • ...New Projects undertaken worldwide with government and ngo partners
  • ...including many Environmental Education initiatives such as recycling, marine awareness, species conservation, etc
  • ...developing packages to highlight key issues in a simple and effective roadshow format
  • ...providing training to local project officers to enable their own roadshow output to be enhanced
  • ...making key wildlife species models and props for such projects, and developing their use
  • ...raising awareness amongst project partners of the importance of Schools as a fundamental starting point in Environmental Education
  • ...and passing on all that has been learned in 25 years to enable others to build on this in the future.

Details of past roadshows ( hundreds of references and reports ) can be found online by using search for

  • Marine Wildlife Roadshow
  • Cool Seas Roadshow
  • Coral Seas Roadshow
  • The Whale Workshop
Inspired artwork from pupils after a roadshow visit
Class picture with the biggest baby, the baby Blue!
A panorama of the School Roadshow Copyright Thomas P. Peschak - SOSF
Discovering how fantastic sharks are at a School Roadshow Copyright Thomas P. Peschak - SOSF
The show is about to start in a typical UK school, with the older pupils ready for their 60 minute introduction to our friends from the sea
School Roadshows dont have to be at at a museum in Chile, a school group learns how to rescue a stranded dolphin
Another school group visit a shopping mall in Concepcion, Chile, to learn about the need for shark conservation
At a large school in Sabah, Malaysia, the hall is full for the Coral Seas School Roadshow
At a small school on Pulau BumBum, Malaysia, two brave pupils hold the shark and ray pups