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Marine Mammal Rescue Training Creatures

For the past 20 years The Whale Workshop has been developing life-sized water-filled Rescue Training Marine Mammal models, based on the air-filled ones, but with heavy duty details to take the extra weight, and enhanced features like folding flippers, blowholes, etc. These are used to train volunteers, project officers, rescue services personel, vets, college students, etc, in handling marine mammals and in stranding responses, and The Whale Workshop makes most of these water filled creatures including Dolphins, Porpoises, and Seal adults and pups. We dont offer the training, but other organisations do, such as BDMLR - British Divers Marine Life Rescue in UK and overseas, IFAW , NOAA  and various stranding networks in USA, and others worldwide. We make the life-sized models.

This Photoalbum has details of Rescue Training models made in past 20 years, including recent orders for a Porpoise for Cornwall Wildlife Trust to join the Bottlenose Dolphin made for them 10 years ago. and a Bottlenose Dolphin for Delfacenter in Russia. This will add to the Black Sea stranding response training already provided by TUDAV in Turkey,  with their Dolphin, Porpoise and Monk Seal models which we have made for them previously. Marine mammals in the Black Sea are seriously endangered, and hopefully we can make more training creatures for other ngos working in the countries bordering the Black Sea, so that greater awareness can lead to better protection measures. Previous orders include four Seals and a Dolphin for a University in Essex, UK, and a trio for a Marine Biology Department at The University of Alaska in Juneau , Alaska, including a Steller's Sea Lion, which will be used to train students in stranding responses, and in taking accurate morphological measurements of stranding casualties. Another order was for 4 seal pups for BDMLR, to replace ones made 10 years ago. These have worked hard at hundreds of Marine Mammal Medic Courses around UK and overseas, and the new ones will enable the old pups to "be retired", as well as serving as new "Seal Ambassadors" on UK and overseas BDMLR courses. All the rescue training creatures feature the same attention to detail as the air filled ones , and the hand-built quality that makes them "sought after" worldwide, and still working years after being made.  You cannot beat quality.

Pictures of Alaskan trio of creatures in action are in this photoalbum, and also here

More info on Alaskan Marine Wildlife Rescue matters in their newsletter here

Also see a previous photoalbum which features Seal Pairs made in past few years, these being air filled for education, awareness raising, etc in schools , on board ferries, in coastal centres and elsewhere across the globe. Hand made in UK, exported worldwide.  CLICK ON INDIVIDUAL PICTURES TO ENLARGE

Porpoise and seal pup, body shape adapted for water filling, with flat lower profile and reinforced detailing, resin painted, made to be life-like
Get the body proportions and the shape right, and they look real
Tail end just as important as front end
...and even underside has detailing
Seal pup face has lots of detail, including opening jaw and a set of teeth. Real seal pups bite, ours do not, but one needs to train to avoid the bite
The rear end, with fill valve and detailing of rear limbs.
Steller's Sea Lion adult is much bigger, and when water-filled is very heavy, accurately representing the difficulty in handling strandings
Steller's face is full of detail, with non-opening jaw and characteristic ear flaps, nostrils flared in response
Huge fore limbs, with the fill valves under a raised flap on right hand side
Steller's face is tough looking, and made heavy duty like the rest of this model to take the weight of 100s of Kilos of water inside
Thats what you call a "big flipper", and its made hinged to bend and be flexible, but to look like the real think. Form and function!
Useful set of teeth in there, a few missing on this older one, but best stay away from this end of a real one
Watch out behind for big powerful rear limbs, which give the Steller's its speed and endurance, and beware of any "stuff" that might come out from under its tail
Watch out, Steller's going to roll over, showing how the flippers are double jointed and can flex to allow rolling on its side
Underbody details, as accurate as possible, so students learn what to look for and to measure the positions accurately