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2017 Roadshows - Mother of the Nation Festival in Abu Dhabi

This annual festival is huge, spread along 1Km of Abu Dhabi Corniche alongside the beach, featuring different zones and hundreds of activities and attractions. Over the 10 days of the festival, between March 26 - April 4 2017, almost 200,000 visitors came from across the UAE and elsewhere in the region, to be amazed and entertained, and many visited on several days so they could see it all.  The Marine Wildlife Show was proud to be part of The Happiness Zone, inside an airconditioned 10m diameter Dome, where we created an underwater world. The Happiness Zone was designed and created by Ruth Burrows and Jo Fleming, and production was by the team from HQ World Shows. Enjoy the photoalbum. on individual pictures to enlarge them. Also please see the links below for more insight into UAE's Marine Wildlife

For more information on Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, and to see some of their publications and projects, see

For more information on the marine wildlife of the UAE, see

For more specific information on Turtles in UAE, and on other marine species, see

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From the hotel window, The Happiness Zone at the near end of the 1Km long festival site, with the roadshow Dome on the left
HQWS team meeting onsite, only 2 days to go
Final day before opening, and things are looking good
...peep inside, its looking good here too
After 8 days of build-up, HQ World Shows team are taking a break .....
...actually they are sheltering from the torrential rain as Phil walks past outside , off to fix a snag or two
Early next day, and the sun is out, as JR the lighting man gets things powered up.The Marine Wildlife Show is ready
All the info boards and signage are in Arabic and in English
...and the wording on the plinth indicates how important Wildlife Conservation is to The UAE, and the value placed on the local Marine Species
Inside the dome, the underwater world awaits you
A beach-finds console sits in the centre, full of items from local beaches and from elsewhere, so much to see and discover
Simple info panels tell a bit about the lifestyle of the local turtles, and the threats they face
..and a nice hand-out sheet featuring a maze to follow to help the local Dugongs avoid net entanglement and other threats
Excellent reference books to help answer visitors questions and to illustrate creatures and beach finds
In one of the modules, the turtles' lifecycle is illustrated by minatures arranged on the sand, simple but effective