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2017 Roadshows - Mother of the Nation Festival in Abu Dhabi

This annual festival is huge, spread along 1Km of Abu Dhabi Corniche alongside the beach, featuring different zones and hundreds of activities and attractions. Over the 10 days of the festival, between March 26 - April 4 2017, almost 200,000 visitors came from across the UAE and elsewhere in the region, to be amazed and entertained, and many visited on several days so they could see it all.  The Marine Wildlife Show was proud to be part of The Happiness Zone, inside an airconditioned 10m diameter Dome, where we created an underwater world. The Happiness Zone was designed and created by Ruth Burrows and Jo Fleming, and production was by the team from HQ World Shows. Enjoy the photoalbum. on individual pictures to enlarge them. Also please see the links below for more insight into UAE's Marine Wildlife

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WE ARE NOW OPEN ! On Sunday March 26th 2017, and the first visitors enter the underwater world, trying out the Dugong gaming
...and the beanbag cushions are a perfect place to enjoy the ambience and watch the plasma screen local wildlife footage
Visitor numbers increase through the first day, opening from 1400 - 2400
Its a great place to be, airconditioning and a "cool ambience" welcomes visitors to The Abu Dhabi Marine Wildlife Show
The suspended Marine Wildlife looks great, as it slowly turns in the updraft, with background "whalespeak" to complete the undersea theme
He is listening to a large seashell, not his phone!
..they do say you can hear the sea in this shell
These guys stayed a while, lots to talk about, and they were genuinely interested in Marine Wildlife
Meeting the Hawksbill Turtle
Next day, visitors in the background try the Turtle gaming, where you have to remove plastic rubbish from the sea before the turtle can swallow it
Turtle gaming was always popular, for all ages
What a place to chill out !
New items are added to the beach finds each day. Here is a Ray eggcase in the plastic water bottle and a Shark eggcase on the sand
...and a small starfish has joined the seashells...can you see it ?
Outside, the sun sets on the Happiness Zone.....