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2017 Roadshows - Edfest Southwest

Edfest Southwest , held during half-term week in October 2017, was aimed at educators, school pupils, and family groups, and set out to inspire all who attended with a sense of wonder at Planet Earth's amazing wildlife and habitats. There was a great variety of ngos and education providers running workshops and showing what they do, and The Whale Workshop teamed up with others to provide the Ocean Discovery Zone. We provided a range of life-sized marine wildlife models, our well travelled Beach Finds tabletop display, and a couple of new ideas being tried out. We offered visitors a sample beach full of typical items found on local beaches, and they were invited to create their own mini-beach using ingredients like sand, seaweed, seashells, and other stuff.  It was fun as well as educational, and those who tried really enjoyed it.  Simple and effective ! We also had another sand tray with a camera mounted above various wildlife models and beach finds, and we showed visitors how such a set-up can be used to create great little stop-motion films using basic photographic equipment. Lots of great ideas were popping up here!   Click on pictures below to enlarge them.

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   Seadream Education

   Marine Biological Association

   South West Conservation Awareness Project

We helped turn the Gymnasium into The Ocean Discovery Zone, with lots of life-sized Marine Wildlife models, and lots more....
Seadream Education with their crafty creature corner and a focus on Plankton
...and The Marine Biological Association with their live plankton, viewed through the microscope and up on a plasma screen
Even the roadshow penguin managed to squeeze in
Cetologist Jess Taylor explaining how photo ID and whale vocalisation is used to study whale lifestyles and conservation needs
The Whale Workshop's new Blue Shark is above a table featuring info on The Blue Shark Project
As always, the Beach Finds table was full of interesting stuff, information, ID charts, and more. Just have to touch and pick things up, best way to learn about it
A table full of wonderful bundles of resources, all prizes in the raffle.
Annie Wilson from Brixham Dolphins getting people interested in her Devon County Show Marine Conservation Pavilion
Its that Blue Shark again......looking good!
A huge Basking Shark cruises by on the hunt for....plankton
The Leatherback Turtle and its companion the Hawksbill get some special attention
A large tray full of typical beach finds, different seaweeds, seashells, and some plastic litter. All found locally
Another sand tray with a camera mount to show how a simple stop-motion animated film can be made using such a set-up. See the Turtle waiting to be filmed?
Three trays in which visitors created their own mini-beaches using locally found ingredients on the tables behind. Fun, educational, simple and effective.