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Life-sized Marine Mammal models made-to-order....

..........including dolphins porpoises and seals, for rescue training and for roadshows, and sent all over the world. We often get vintage creatures, ones we made 20 years ago, coming back to the Whaleworkshop for renovation, proving it definitely pays to buy quality handmade items that can be repaired, rather than cheap throw-away stuff.  

See a previous photoalbum from 2017, titled Marine Mammal Rescue Training Creatures, for lots of info and pictures on some of the past creations and how they are being used around the world

This 2020 photoalbum illustrates how we repair and renovate them, and how we improve the design based on user feedback and wear and tare experience.

Most of the Whaleworkshop output is providing the Roadshow, as shown in other photoalbums, and we only make creatures for others when we are not working somewhere with the Roadshow.

We do not have a stock of ready-made creatures to sell, they are all made to order.  If you want a handmade rescue training creature, or a life-like display model for your own outreach project, get in touch early on and place your order, then wait patiently until it gets made.  There is not a factory in China churning them out, and there is a backlog of previous orders, so order and be patient! 

2020 onwards looks like a busy decade for the ever popular school and public roadshows, so there will probably only be 2-3 months each year to make creatures. We already work 7 days a week., so no scope to increase production. Please be patient if you want a creature made.  Thank you

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A vintage Rescue Training Dolphin returned to the Whaleworkshop from Ireland, probably 15 years old
It looks a bit sad, but it will be fine, after it has been renovated and repainted, ready for another 15 years of training stranding responders around Ireland's coastline
It has the old style fill valves, used to fill with air or water and to adjust pressure. It still has the original screw cap, with the original attachment cord and the classic bowline knot
Nice weathered look to the colouring, just like a real live dolphin, with scratches and scars.
Also a split main seam, caused by air trapped inside expanding through solar gain, and over stressing the seam. We can fix it!
More seams gone on underside of the fluke, general wear and tare, due to the many times it has been water filled and then used for training.
Also wear and tear where the flipper meets the body, on the flexible joint that allows the flippers to be folded under the body
Also evidence of a previously mended main seam, most likely fixed when I was in Ireland with the Roadshow on many occasions
Another Celtic Dolphin in for renovations was from Cornwall, used by The Wildlife Trust to train volunteers to examine the many dolphins washed up dead on Cornish beaches
A day or so later, the Celtic Dolphins are up and looking much better, cannot beat some care and attention from the Dolphin Doctor.
The Cornish Dolphin has some tell-tale markings to indicate it has been caught in a fishing net and drowned. It is called by-catch. I have another name for it
The Celtic Dolphins in the detail workshop, getting a repaint, with a female grey seal on the bench awaiting her new fur coat. It was a busy few weeks with them all together
Back out in the Barn, the Celtic Dolphins looking good together, both females, and both sporting handsome new coats
Cornish Dolphin with the by-catch scars in evidence on the dorsal fin and elsewhere on its body
No need to replace the original fill valves, as they say "if it aint broke, dont fix it" Good for plenty more years if looked after