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Cork Week 2012 Regatta " All Aboard" family weekend roadshow

As part of Irelands' biggest sailing event, the Roadshow presented at Cork Week's Family Fun Weekend in July 2012, filling half the frame marquee with marine wildlife models and the roadshows' colouring area.....ever popular. One young visitor described the event as " the best show ever! " well done the ladies of the Cork Week family weekend organising committee....well done!

A big space inside the marquee enabled a full range of marine wildlife models to be displayed
Whales Dolphins and a few Porpoises
......and of course Sharks as well
...and lots of beach finds and ID charts
ASCOBANS panels provided simple facts and background info
The Roadshow provided a fantastic drawing area to keep children and parents busy, as an optional extra to the show organisers
...lots of different pictures to colour in, or make your own! We got through hundreds of photocopies
Local schools entered an art competition organised by the Cork Week ladies is a winner!
...come and have a is all free this weekend, absolutely free!
........amazing that lots of people in Ireland dont realise what a great place it is to see these creatures
...what's that one called? I think I might have seen one of them.