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Roadshow in Turkey Oct 2013 - Eskisehir

After finishing the roadshow in Istanbul, we moved east into Asia to the university city of Eskisehir, where we presented the roadshow for 16 days at a large shopping centre. The first week saw many school groups visiting each day, and lots of families visiting for evening shopping. The second week was part of the national holiday called Bayram, when schools are closed and Turks take a break and visit friends etc. During the weekdays the two TUDAV presenters were giving continuous presentations to meet the demand from school groups, with additional presenters and TUDAV vets joining at the weekends. Well done the TUDAV students who worked so hard to make this roadshow the success it proved to be. After returning to Istanbul, the roadshow creatures flew back to UK and had a well earned rest until 2014

No rest between shows, as the next school group is ready and waiting
The Monk Seal pup tells his story, with his species in serious decline around coast of Turkey
The next show ends with the dolphin being rescued again
...and off he swims again to cheers from the audience
A new TUDAV presenter soon gets into her stride with a dolphin rescue
...and the TUDAV vet helps with a turtle examination out, caretta caretta is coming through!
On the way to the show one day, Ege the TUDAV presenter introduces us to the ladies on the bench
Young people love being creative, and our show seemed to capture their attention and keep they busy when they visited
Back to Istanbul for last few days, always something to see on Kadikoy Waterfront, and a ferryride across to Europe
One last chance to see the sights
If you go to Istanbul, go to Deniz Yildizi in Kadikoy, above one of the ferryboat terminals
...climb up the stairs to first floor
..inside the decor is wonderful, just like 80 years ago
and sit on the balcony and watch the bustle on the Bosphorus, as the sun sets over Istanbul. You will never forget it.