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2014 Roadshows....part 1

A busy year with selected public events and lots of creatures made for ngos in UK and overseas. Started with TV appearance of Minke Whale and Basking Shark on BBC's One Show, for a feature on UK Marine Wildlife, including the Common Skate. In March a busy weekend at WhaleFest in Brighton with the Sharks and Turtles, followed by a trip to Italy for a school roadshow, working with the TUDAV team from Turkey. In May we appeared at Celebrating Scotland's Sharks beside Loch Lomond. July and August took the Roadshow to Newcastle, Northern Ireland and back to Scotland, and the final roadshow was during the October half-term at Titanic Belfast. The Whale Workshop also produced Dolphins, Seals, and Sharks for ngos in USA, in Scotland and in Northern Ireland, as well as rescue training dolphin models. Part 1 pictures in this album from BBC "One Show" feature, WhaleFest, and School Roadshow in Italy with TUDAV team

The Orca and Hectors Dolphin on the stage were species highlighted during many of the presentations over the weekend
Continious showing of underwater footage on the monitor attracted lots of interest
...look at that big mouth !
....and sharks endlessly circling in the space above the main hall
A special School Roadshow in Italy, working with the TUDAV team from Turkey, highlighting Mediterranean marine wildlife
The Roadshow highlighted all marine wildlife in the Med, including Monk Seals and Dolphins, Porpoises, Whales, Turtles and Sharks
...and Turtles are always popular with the audience and in need of conservation
A TUDAV vet talks about Turtles
...and another TUDAV vet explains techniques for handling a Monk Seal pup
...down on the beach, a dolphin is stranded
The dolphin is kept wet whilst on the beach
getting organised !
...protective clothing is important
two dolphins and a porpoise to attend to
...the pupils loved it, role playing and team work