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2015 Roadshows

The 2015 summer roadshow tour has now ended, with lots of pictures and details in photo album pages. or do an online search for Marine Wildlife Roadshow for other reports. The Blue Whale has been in demand this year, and we featured a range of UK marine wildlife including Orca and Minke Whales, Dolphins and Porpoise, Basking Shark, Seals and Turtles, plus we have expanded our beach finds tabletop display. Mum and pup seal pairs we have made for others worldwide are busy raising awareness of the conservation needs of these marine mammals, and are inspiring school children ( see 2015 Seal pairs photoalbum )  We are now developing new ideas for future roadshows in UK and overseas, and starting on a backlog of marine wildlife models to make for others, including more seals, and more dolphins including a family group of White Beaked Dolphins for our UK Marine Wildlife Roadshow.  There are already many requests for 2016 Roadshows.


Currently busy with Roadshows, and developing a new feature, Marine Wildlife Installations. Forthcomings bookings include another visit to Portsmouth Ferry Port, a return to Northern Ireland to work with The Loughs Agency and Ulster Wildlife, as part of their Marine Week 2015, and a week for National Trust at Souter Lighthouse in Tyne & Wear in August. On the way home from the North East, we have a one day roadshow in Crosby, Merseyside, working with Sefton Coast Landscape Project. In addition, there are lots of enquiries for 2016, including a booking for The Marine Science Festival in Antalya, Turkey, working with TUDAV and Antalya Municipality in a parallel event alongside EXPO 2016 in Antalya.    With a busy schedule, the Whale Workshop is no longer able to offer a School Roadshow. Sorry to all the schools who have tried or may wish to rebook a school roadshow, after having us visit in previous years. We have provided the school roadshow since 2000, visiting over 1000 schools, all over UK and overseas.  We do make creatures for others to enable them to undertake their own roadshows, and advise on roadshow content and strategy, so that Marine Wildlife School Roadshows can continue with others providing this service, and we can provide the Roadshow for other bodies and organisations to bring school groups to, raising awareness of local marine wildlife issues and initiatives.

In February we were at Portsmouth International Port Ferry Terminal between Feb 11-14, and in March we were at Whalefest at Brighton Centre over the weekend March 14 / 15. In June we attended Oxford Festival of Nature, and The Irish Maritime Festival in Drogheda Harbour. For pictures, see 2015 Roadshows in the Photo Albums