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2015 Seal pairs

For past few years The Whale Workshop has made pairs of Seals for ngos and individuals to use in their conservation projects and educational outreaches, in UK and elsewhere.

During 2014 mum and pup Grey Seal pairs were made for and sent to Loughs Agency and to Ulster Wildlife in Northern Ireland, and Hawaiian Monk Seals to Paulette Smith in Hawaii. In 2015 Mediterranean Monk Seals were made for TUDAV in Turkey and Grey Seals for National Aquarium at Galway in Ireland.  The Hawaiian Monk Seals have been particularly busy, inspiring the young 4th graders in Hawaiian primary schools to speak out on behalf of this endangered marine mammal.  Below are some links to enable anyone interested to follow the Mum and pup Hawaiian Monk Seals on their path to survival, brilliantly aided by the young people of Hawaii. Maybe young people in other parts of the world might be equally inspired to care for their native wildlife.  We need to remember that extinction is forever, and listen to those young voices asking us to change our ways before it is too late


To see the inspired poems and mural from one particular school..... see

In 2017 we made a Seal quartet for a University in Essex, Mum and Dad common seal and pup, plus an "adopted" grey seal pup
...used water filled to train the next generation of students in Marine Mammal welfare
Grey Seal female and pup made for Loughs Agency in Northern Ireland
...and we made a Common Seal to make up a trio
Common Seal has a different shaped head
Grey Seal female and pup made for National Aquarium of Ireland in Galway
Every grey seal has unique blotch markings, and we try to reflect this in the way each is painted
Grey Seal female and pup made for Ulster Wildlife in Northern Ireland
Mediterranean Monk Seals for TUDAV in Turkey
Mum & pup Hawaiian Monk Seals made for an educational initiative in Hawaii
The Seal pup will rely on its mothers milk for first few weeks of its life, and will stick close by her for protection
Seal pups have "attitude", its their defence against threats and predators
Here the Seal models are inspiring young Hawaiians they are used in school projects, ocean days, and other events