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2016 Roadshows - UK National Science Week and Penguin Installation at School in Italy

In March the Roadshow spent a day at South Devon College, as part of UK's National Science Week 2016, where we featured the Sperm Whale, Orca, baby Blue Whale, Dolphins and a Seal, and we focused on how marine wildlife uses sound underwater to communicate and find food.  It was great fun and a different kind of learning experience.  A few weeks later the roadshow was at a school in Italy, where we featured Penguins, Hammerhead Shark and a Striped Dolphin, and helped the pupils create some creature installations....3 days of fun and learning.

feedback from South Devon College..........'The whale workshop was a fun and informative day which allowed my marine science students to take part in interactive activities whilst highlighting the threats to marine mammals to the wider college community. Andy was very professional and his enthusiasm and knowledge was inspirational, a thoroughly enjoyable day and great learning experience'.- Stuart Collier, Lecturer in Animal and Marine Science"

feedback from the school in Italy........" is always nice to see learning take place for everyone, children and adults. The children enjoyed it ! "

...and lots of cut-out Penguins joining the roadshow Emperor in the Antarctic installation
Shark reunion in the underwater installation
A Dolphin nicely engineered to spring up and down.....a finless Dolphin even!
...and another spring joining the chick to its parent...great creativity
Dolphins and Sharks sharing the underwater installation
Penguin chicks waiting for parents to return
Some worried looking chicks.....the pupils have really put some expression into their creations
The underwater installation in one corner of the school hall
...and the Penguins in Antarctica installation in another corner
The final assembly after 3 days...a chance to tell the school what you learned
For younger pupils, it is not easy, even with help from the teachers
....and lots of confidence from older pupils....WELL DONE THE WHOLE SCHOOL