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The Wild Fair 2016 , Oxford Festival of Nature, at Oxford University Museum of Natural History

A return visit for this annual event, organised by Berks Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust, and in the same magnificent museum building amongst the wonderful collection of exhibits and artefacts, with over 7500 visitors on the Wild Fair Saturday. We had a corner spot for our Marine Wildlife display, with the Roadshow Penguins adding their presence to the Penguin Watch project which was alongside us. This project is run by Oxford University's Zoology Dept, and aims to get public involvement in monitoring and assessing the penguin populations in Antarctica....for more info see,    and get involved,   and see    for more info on the penguin conservation work in Antarctica.

for the BBOWT blog of the Wild Fair,   see

A return visit to this annual event, the roadshow wildlife was set up in a corner amongst the permanent exhibits
...with iconic species and continuous interpretation of the science that governs their lives
Orca, Hammerhead Shark, Seals and Dolphins, and Penguins in the background
Roadshow penguins alongside Oxford University Zoology Dept's Penguin Watch stand, with PhD student Fiona explaining Penguin Science
" dad, its my favourite creature"
The drop-in format of the roadshow enabled lots of species science to be explained to the public
Table top display of beach finds and species identification info meant there was something of interest to everyone
Spot the Penguin species
Beach finds, seashells and Mermaid's Purses
"Its a SHARK, can I touch it?"
The Roadshow provides a mix of different species at each location, so there is always something of interest
Lots of photo opportunities
...and lots of pictures taken
Fiona from Penguin Watch explains how this Citizen Science project is helping penguin conservation in Antarctica
A young wildlife fan spots his favourite penguin