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2016 Roadshows - Marine Wildlife Roadshow at Souter Lighthouse in August, and British Science Festival in Swansea in September

August 2016 saw us back at this iconic National Trust location on The Coast Road between Newcastle and Sunderland, for a 4 day roadshow in the Foghorn Field .  With 1000+ visitors over the 4 days, lots to do inside the marquee as well as sunbathing and sand-play area outside, plus climbing structures and lots of ice cream eating, and the amazing Souter Lighthouse itself. What a place to be breathing in the sea air and looking out for the local White Beaked and Bottlenose Dolphins!  September 2016 saw Roadshow creatures on display at the British Science Festival Family Weekend in Swansea, working with Incredible Oceans at the Welsh National Waterfront Museum. With over 6500 visitors over the weekend, the organisers were very pleased  ".....there was a lovely buzz throughout the venue, and the feedback has been incredibly positive, the whales were certainly a centrepiece "

..but the squid might be hungry, so better not stand too close for too long
This is so much fun, playing with the giant squid
Next morning, the Roadshow is open again, and the creatures wait for the first visitors
"Hello, welcome to the Marine Wildlife Roadshow, young man"
Two Sirenians, junior Dugong and junior Manatee, and a magnificent Hammerhead Shark waiting just inside the marquee entrance
"oh, thats interesting"
"Lets see if the Basking Shark is friendly"
Sperm Whale and Giant Squid look harmless enough, everything is friendly here
lots of species info and simple science facts, and some seaweed to make it smell like the sea
Fantastic creatures welcoming you to the Roadshow
Please come in
Now they are coming into the Roadshow marquee from the Foghorn Field
Singing from a local sea shanty group as more people arrive
Hammerhead sharks do not eat people, so no need to worry, welcome
...and the Basking Shark is really quite a gentle giant