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2017 Roadshows - Portsmouth International Port Marine Wildlife Festival

A return visit to Portsmouth International Port for another Marine Wildlife Festival, working with ORCAweb, the Port, and Brittany Ferries, to provide 3 days of awareness raising for visiting school groups and ferry passengers. Each day groups of pupils from local schools were bussed in, and they had a great time, with engaging activities and lots of fun as well. The ferries sailing out of Portsmouth Port often pass close to many different marine wildlife species on the routes to Channel Islands, France and Spain, and raising awareness of this is part of the Port and the Ferry Companies commitment to the marine environment.  CLICK ON INDIVIDUAL PICTURES TO ENLARGE THEM

Official opening of the 2017 Marine Wildlife Festival at Portsmouth International Port, held in February during the week prior to half term holidays
...with the Port Manager, Mayor and Mayoress, and Nigel Marven, plus the first school to visit, and the Port mascot
Wow, the kids are obviously loving the items the mascot is handing out
...then its downstairs to have press pictures taken with the Blue Whale
Meanwhile, upstairs Anna Bunney from ORCA takes the next school group on a quick intro tour of the species present
"Anyone know which Dolphin species this one is ? "
"You can refer to your Marine Wildlife Festival Bingo ID sheets to help you identify them "
...and here is the excellent ID Sheet, which everyone got a copy of. All of these species can be seen from the Ferries sailing out of Portsmouth
...." and some of them are at least this big ! "
Next day, in between morning ferry departures, the creatures wait to be introduced to the visiting pupils
A quick introduction, then off upstairs.....
...following the footsteps past the young Blue is huge!
All quiet again downstairs, except for a young passenger..
...who cannot resist checking out the Blue Whale
...this is fun following the footsteps, and quite unexpected for her! She might see a big Whale from the ferry to Spain