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2017 Roadshows - Portsmouth International Port Marine Wildlife Festival

A return visit to Portsmouth International Port for another Marine Wildlife Festival, working with ORCAweb, the Port, and Brittany Ferries, to provide 3 days of awareness raising for visiting school groups and ferry passengers. Each day groups of pupils from local schools were bussed in, and they had a great time, with engaging activities and lots of fun as well. The ferries sailing out of Portsmouth Port often pass close to many different marine wildlife species on the routes to Channel Islands, France and Spain, and raising awareness of this is part of the Port and the Ferry Companies commitment to the marine environment.  CLICK ON INDIVIDUAL PICTURES TO ENLARGE THEM

Upstairs, the female Sperm Whale and her calf await the next school group
..background sound effects and "whale talk" add to the peace and tranquility of the creature zone
A cluster of species around the Basking Shark's tail
A Harbour Porpoise and Common and Grey Seals on the floor. Some species were numbered to help pupils match them on the "bingo" ID sheets
"Big Mouth" the basking shark - what a sight to behold when you get to the top of the stairs!
...and Minke Whale and her calf looking good
What a handsome head the Blue Whale has, and seen from above, its scale is hard to believe. You need to see it to believe it
As well as the life size creatures, table top artefacts and info leaflets help the visitors understand Marine Wildlife
Comprehensive pop-up info banners and interpretive boards are on permanent display in the Ferry Terminal building
Next school group arrives at the Blue Whale entrance....
The Blue Whale is 11 + 1/2 pupils long! Brilliant idea
Off upstairs for this group
For the schools visiting, its engaging, informative, educational with lots of curriculum links, and fun as well. Job Done!
Meanwhile. outside, a container ship brings fruit from South America, part of Portsmouth Port's everyday business
The Show is over, Dolphins all folded up...but dont worry, they are just resting until the next time, see you then!