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2017 Roadshows - Oceans Festival at 2017 Telegraph Outdoor Adventure Travel Show at ExCel in London

A return visit to this huge show, this time as centrepiece stand for The Oceans Festival, a focus for young and old who like exploring and enjoying the Marine Environment. Put together by the team from WhaleFest and Incredible Oceans, with The Whale Workshop providing life-sized marine wildlife models, and Stage Engage building the stand structure and rigging the lights and stage. the whole concept is unique. The stand was split into three zones, to create a journey for visitors, and to highlight marine biodiversity, threats to this ecology from plastics, and solutions for consumers to choose, plus a stage area for presentations and music.  Show organisers estimate a 50,000 attendence, a large proportion of whom will have passed by our stand, attracted by the serene Sperm Whale on top of the stand, gazing down at the visitors.  The whole stand took 12 hours to build up, and 6 hours to take down, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. It is truly unique! CLICK ON INDIVIDUAL PICTURES TO ENLARGE THEM

Also for more insight into the Incredible Oceans stand at Oceans Festival, to read what others thought, and view a great selection of pictures taken by others at the event, take a look at :-

Blog from a volunteer Rachael Barber about the event:

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Twitter account for Incredible Oceans @IncredOceans

Twitter account for WhaleFest @whalefest

PHOTO ALBUM of the event online on Google Photos

Examining the "beach finds" table is irresistible.
Early next day, before the crowds arrive, the young dugong and manatee relax
The Great White Shark glides effortlessly by, as other creatures watch respectfully
Turtles and Seals in the corner
A Gray Reef Shark and some Spotted Dolphins swim by
Lots of visitors used the Ocean Trail sheets to discover facts about the species and objects on display. Great fun
Getting busy by midday
...more coming in all the time
Pretty full by now, and she goes out to get the rest of her group
Peak visitor numbers at around 2pm, when it seems everyone wants to go "underwater"
It gets quieter later, giving the guides more time to explain and the visitors a chance to enjoy the underwater ambience
....tranquility returns with just the gentle "whale talk" to break the silence
"look at this...incredible"
A steady flow of people until the end of the last day. Positive feedback from everyone. A great show for 2017