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Whale Workshop Background Info

Since 1994 I have been touring worldwide with The Marine Wildlife Roadshow, using life-size and life-like models of sea creatures, to raise awareness and focus attention, at public events, exhibitions, festivals, and in schools. I make all the props and models, and develop other interpretation methods, based on my previous 20 years experience as a designer and prop-maker for TV, film, advertising and display sectors of commerce. I have also developed the skill and the confidence to deliver important conservation messages wherever I give a presentation, to all ages and status of audiences, and more recently to train local project staff and help build capacity to enable them to deliver their own roadshow output.   

Many hundreds of webpages are online with references and reportage of these roadshows - to find them do a search using any of the Roadshow titles below    For different projects the roadshow has had different titles, some of which are  

Whale and Dolphin Roadshow.......prior to 2002

Marine Wildlife Roadshow.............after 2002 - present

Species Challenge Welsh Ocean Wildlife

Cool Seas Roadshow......UK and overseas between 2006 - 2012

Coral Seas Roadshow.....Overseas between 2009 - 2012

plus other web content can be found under  and The Whale Workshop

During past 24 years The Whale Workshop has presented many thousands of times to audiences in Schools, Public Events, Festivals, and all kinds of other occasions, in many parts of the world .....100s of 1000s have had a roadshow experience, and positive feedback everywhere.     

Previous Roadshow output                   

  • The roadshow message has reached every corner of UK, to well over 100,000 pupils in hundreds of schools (internet search Marine Wildlife Roadshow ) 
  • in partnership with many UK ngos such as Wildlife Trusts, MCS ( Cool Seas Roadshow )  RSPB, IFAW, Government Agencies such as DEFRA, English Nature, Natural England,  Countryside Council of Wales ( Welsh Ocean Wildlife ), Environment Agency, The Loughs Agency, and others.
  • Repeat bookings from many Govt agencies and local authorities have meant that in some  regions the majority of school children aged 5 - 11 yrs have seen a roadshow presentation   ..... islands like Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Orkney and Shetland, and many regions in UK. 
  • In addition to UK, the roadshow has toured worldwide, working with local project staff and  translators to deliver important Marine Conservation messages, helping to build their local capacity and expertise, and enabling them to develop their skills in communicating and  raising awareness through the roadshow format. 
  • Overseas Roadshows include Chile ( touring with Basking Shark prior to CITES in 2002),  Australia, Iceland and Norway ( touring with Minke Whale), Germany, Azores, Malta, Sri Lanka ( in 2009 touring with Hammerhead Shark), Malaysian Borneo ( in 2010 & 11 with Hammerhead Shark- Coral Seas Roadshow ),  in 2011 to Gozo in the Med, working with the Gozo Ministry as part of their imaginative Eco-Gozo initiative, in 2012 & 13 to Turkey, working with TUDAV and PhD students from Istanbul University, in 2014 & 16 to Italy to create a Marine Wildlife Installation, in 2017 to Abu Dhabi for The Mother of The Nation Festival